Crescent Earbud Special for Sports

According to the ergonomics, from the old wearing construction the new crescent earbud is carried out, which could strengthen the wearing stability and maintain comfort. When you do any sports, such as yoga, fitness in gym, outside running etc, it will not fall off nor hurt.

Magnetic design
Stylish product

High-magnet adsorption design, Stylish to wear.
Take off they will be magnetic attracted around your neck, prevent getting twined or falling off.

Three buttons remote control
HD phone communication

Gold ratio remote control positions and soft buttons, convenient and comfortable. Free to change tracks, adjust sound volume and pause etc.

Several crafts and metal appearance, good texture

With piano paint craft, anti-scratch, drop resistance and dust-proof. Prolong the use time.

Skin-friendly material
comfortable wearing

With Nano spray tech, anti-scratch and sweat-proof, soft touching and skin friendly

More dynamic 120 degrees tilted

Conform to ergonomics, better sit and no falling off, better music enjoy.

Long durability 4 hours music time

Adopted with Lithium polymer battery, in full battery status, standby time is about 5 days. Music time(or phone communication) about 4 hours, equivalent to listen about 60 songs.

  • 4Hours
    Play time
  • 5Days
    Standby time
  • 60Songs
    Continuous play

Bluetooth 4.2 Have fun with good quality music

Bluetooth 4.2 technology has the noise reduction function, could improve the phone communication quality. Good connectivity within 10 meters obstacles free. No restrictions for outdoor activities.

  • Better phone
  • Fast pairing
  • HD music
  • 10m transmission

With the design to bring you the ultimate sound quality

On a small headset, we spent thousands of hours together with world-class acoustics labs and engineers, Do too much effort. Fine to 10mm custom sound moving coil unit, the most sophisticated nano-diaphragm ... D3X on acoustics Technology use consummate, when you press the play button, music, such as gurgling water, flow through your Ears, sound quality incredible.

Dynamic unit Magnetic

Enjoy D3X high quality
stereo sound

D3X earphone, in the name of freedom to define life.
connect with smartphone or any portable devices with
bluetooth enabled via bluetooth. No plugs and get rid
of the wires. Just enjoy music
and be free.

Strong compatibility

Disregard of the brands, systems, compatible with devices
as long as they are bluetooth enabled.

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